Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s

What Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Does – And Who It Is For

Xtend Life Total Balance Men'sXtend-Life Total Balance Men’s is an anti aging supplement for males over 30. (There is also a Premium Version, which adds extra anti-oxidants such as Pine Bark and Bilberry, RNA and higher doses of select premium ingredients).

All the main causes of aging are anticipated and counteracted through a combination of 97 complex bio-active ingredients and a unique delivery system. In addition to this, Xtend Life Total Balance Men’s also contains nutrients specifically for men that will help ensure hormones are naturally balanced and that your prostate has the nutrients that it needs for optimal health.

Hormonal balance is achieved by using natural ingredients such as Chrysin which helps raise testosterone levels naturally by preventing testosterone from being converted to estrogen.

This works alongside other nutrients such as Nettle Extract to provide nourishment to your prostate, and Green Tea Extract, which in small doses has been reported to lower blood pressure.

Since taking Total Balance Men’s Plus my symptoms of prostate problems have lessened considerably. A recent CT scan has confirmed that the prostate is of normal size!!
James, UK

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What Makes Total Balance Men’s Unique/Different From Others In The Market?

Its complex bio active ingredients are delivered to the body in a unique and highly targeted way through a superior form of sub aqueous polymer enteric coating, developed to achieve maximum ingredient potency and avoid destruction in the large intestine.

It also contains a high level of anti-oxidants, providing protection against and elimination of the free radicals that so often cause health problems as we age. Total Balance Men’s goes one step further, however, addressing the issues of glycation, methylation and inflammation.

In other words, it just doesn’t focus on health maintenance, or even just prevention: It is targeted towards DNA repair.

What Are Some Of The Main Ingredients?

Total Balance Men’s contains nutrients such as Chrysin and nettle extract to help the male body balance hormones. In older men, it helps men to remain sexually active and encourages a healthy prostate gland – one of the most common problems as men enter the middle years. It also contains Calcium D-Glucarate

It would take too long to list all the ingredients, but SAMe, Carnosine and Glutathione are three expensive ingredients not normally found in men’s supplements.

Its worth noting that Xtend-Life also goes to great effort to maximize the cancer-preventing qualities of ingredients like Turmeric (Curcumin) by also including Piperine, which boosts the normally difficult absorb Turmeric by up to 1000% (no, that was not a typing mistake! The latter figure was obtained from an independent anti-cancer report.)

Why Are They Important?

Chrysin naturally raises testosterone levels by preventing it from being converted into estrogen – something that happens naturally as men grow older. Nettle extract aids in prostate health. All ingredients together have reputed cancer-preventing qualities.

How Does It Work?

Total Balance Men’s has been created so that all the ingredients work together synergistically – that is, having a positive and active effect on each other – to provide nutrients needed by all your organs (including your brain) to create a perfectly balanced system.

What Results/Benefits Should You Expect?

Apart from a healthier sex life and prostate gland, one benefit reported is “fewer trips to the bathroom at night” – and better sleep as a result. Better blood work results and improved cholesterol are also expected, as well as a healthier immune system. (Reduction in allergies, less prone to catching colds and flu viruses).

Other reported benefits include:

  • better skin
  • stronger nails and healthier hair
  • feeling “well”
  • clear thinking
  • improved ability to handle stress
  • improved sexual satisfaction.
  • improvement in eyesight

Since I’ve started taking Total Balance Men’s Plus and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Esters I’ve noticed my energy increase overall. I teach martial arts and I used to think that the only way I could be on the top of my game, in the zone if you will, was if I was on caffeine. Now I think clearer and quicker when I’m on the floor teaching and I feel as if I have a reserve of energy, which I can call upon at any time.

Other benefits I’ve noticed from taking the supplements have been that I no longer feel aches and pains anymore.
Andrew, USA

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Is Xtend Life Total Balance Men’s Product Safe To Use (Are There Any Restrictions?)

Because it is specifically designed for male health, and has a strong stimulant effect on male hormones, it should not be used by women, children or males under 30.

How To Get The Best Results With Total Balance Men’s

If you need an extra anti-oxidant, anti-aging boost, buy the premium version. Take it as directed, and combine it with healthy life style choices or changes. You can also improve your health by combining Total Balance with Xtend Life Omega3/Fish oil.

Can Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Be Used In Conjunction With Other Products/Medications?

Always check with your doctor.

And it’s worth noting that you can also check with Xtend-Life’s customer service department – they have trained medical nutritionists on staff who can answer health-related questions to a much more specific degree than the average company customer service representative.

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