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Xtend-Life All Natural Health Supplements – Too Big To Swallow?

I’ve just received this feedback from a friend who tried my favorite women’s multivitamin supplement – Xtend-Life Total Balance Women enteric coated vitamins, as well as Xtend-Life Fish Oil.

She suffers from clinical depression, insomnia and severe Fibromyalgia, so I was particularly interested in whether or not they’d make much difference to her well-being.

After weeks of not hearing a word from her, I finally broke down and sent her an email, asking what she thought of the products. I’ve just received a response and here, with her permission, is her surprising reply.

Re Trying the Xtend-Life natural products: Nothing spectacular yet, but it took me a few weeks before I could get up the nerve to start taking them. The problem? My really small esophagus that makes me seriously choke on pills 1/6th their size!

My honest reaction on opening the bottle of Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil and Total Balance was dismay: “Ohmigosh! They look like HORSE PILLS!” I did let Xtend-Life know I found the size of the pills a problem and they basically said they’re actually classed as medium-sized”

I felt mildly insulted, as if they were telling me there was something wrong with me (which of course there is). Almost put me off the company right there… But Joanne Maggs, MSc., (their natural medical nutritionist) finished off by telling me that the pills were carefully tested and the shape refined so that they were really, REALLY optimized for swallowing. After a week, I decided I couldn’t waste my precious, hard-earned expenditure and gave the Fish Oil a try.

Went down VERY easily! I’ve had tiny round pills give me more trouble! I was much heartened. And sure enough, no heartburn, no fishy aftertaste, just like they promised. Not the slightest problem. (When I re-read her letter just now, I notice Joanna did say you could squeeze the fish oil into juice, but I was so busy being offended, I missed that.)

After a week of getting used to the Fish Oil, I braved the very hard pills, Total Balance. (You can’t cut these ones in pieces, apparently, because they’re enteric coated vitamins, designed to be released in the large intestine, not the small.) (Besides which, I have more trouble with cut-up pills than whole ones, swallowing-wise.)

But I swallowed the hard Total Balance tablet – and it went down no problem! So I’ve started taking them regularly and now, after only 2 weeks, no miracles are happening yet but (a) I’m sleeping MUCH better – not necessarily longer, but much better quality of sleep. And I definitely have more energy! So yes, I’m very pleased with them, and I’ll definitely get them again and make them part of my lifestyle.

I should qualify my results by mentioning I’m not actually taking the full daily dose. I do have to spin them out a bit since like lots of disabled people I have a very tight budget. But I figure that a regular and consistent half a dose daily is better than (a) none at all (b) running out of them, and then having to live with a gap of several weeks without.

So that’s my honest feedback.

What do you think of Xtend-Life supplements? Do you have any Xtend Life reviews you would like to share? I’d sincerely love to hear your opinion or experiences, if you’ve got the time to leave a quick comment, below?


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