Xtend Life Fish Oil: Good Enough To Eat

Discover Xtend Life Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil

Fish Oil CapsulesXtend Life Omega 3/DHA fish oil supplement comes from two Southern Ocean fish: the hoki fish, and tuna. Instead of being a by-product of fish meal after onboard processing (the normal method), the New Zealand fishing company that Xtend-Life uses preserves the fish in “‘Spacekraft’ containers under a nitrogen blanket and maintained at two degrees Celsius”, according to Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life’s founder. This allows it to be processed under conditions high enough for consumption by humans.

With their usual thoroughness, Xtend-Life tested the fish oil at 2 independent laboratories (one of them a government lab), back when they first contracted to purchase the fishing company’s hoki fish. One of the advantages of this unique processing method is significantly lower oxidation, meaning no decay no odor (and no indigestion – a side effect of some fish oil supplements).

Xtend-Life’s researchers then combined it with highly concentrated tuna oil, which creates a synergy between the concentrate tuna oil and the natural triglycerides provided by the hoki fish. They decided to do this after testing showed this process boosts the Docosapentaenoic acid (DHA) content to the highest levels on the market. (They chose tuna rather than more hoki fish, because they did not want to over fish the hoki, in its pristine part of the Southern ocean.)

DHA is an essential fatty acid found in the brain, and in recent years, scientists and researchers have come to understand that it is the most vital component of Omega 3. Traditional fish oils focused on Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is easier to extract, but not as potent.

Fish oil in general is a superior source of DHA than flax seed, although that is a polyunsaturate, and therefore one of the “good” fats. But what many people don’t realize is that its source of Omega3 is formed from alpha linolenic acid, which doesn’t convert as well for human purposes.

In spite of all the scientific test results, Matthews unhesitatingly rates the most important qualities of Xtend Life Omega 3/DHA fish oil as “purity and freshness”.

By `purity’, he means an almost complete lack of mercury, dioxin and PCBs, when the oil is tested. (Compare that with popular Norwegian fish oil, which has the highest levels of contamination in the world – the North Sea being the most used ocean, the most polluted and the most over fished.)

Matthews also recommends performing a simple test on your current fish oil capsules by cutting them open and smelling the oil. If there’s a fishy odor, you know its processed from fish meal and was not at optimal freshness when produced. Any fish oil supplement should come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), as Xtend-Life’s does.

It should be noted that after the new supplier of Hoki fish and some slight changes based on new test results, Xtend-Life fish oil seems to be the best fish oil on the market – with the test results and objective empirical data to prove it.

Why Should You Take Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil?

Fish oil has benefits for heart health so well proven, I am not even going to cite them here. Just run a search, and you’ll find bona-fide studies, such as those put out by the American Heart Association.

In addition, high quality fish oils like Xtend Life fish oil have proven anti-inflammatory qualities. If you suffer from arthritis, fish oil can help keep it under control.

And you don’t get the stomach upset, with a high quality fresh fish oil like Xtend Life Omega/DHA3.

On my own, I long ago came to the same conclusion as Warren Matthews: “Xtend fish oil combined with Total Balance is probably the best all round general health tonic there is.”


4 Comments on Xtend Life Fish Oil: Good Enough To Eat

  1. Shalini Kewalramani on Thu, 6th May 2010 5:17 pm
  2. I need to ascertain the efficacy of the premium version of DHA/omega 3 in terms of enhancing benefits for skin. Is it safe to take this version for oily/acne prone skins. Or could it exacerbate the acne condition?

  3. admin on Thu, 6th May 2010 5:47 pm
  4. Yes, the Omega 3/DHA Premium is fine to use. It doesn’t aggravate acne or oily skin at all. The fish oil is an essential oil, it isn’t something that inteferes with the skin negatively in terms of that type of oil, and indeed can help the skin. You can find more information at: Xtend Life Fish Oil Premium

  5. Donna K in Canada on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 12:39 pm
  6. I am currently pregnant for the first time and have been told that Omega 3/DHA fish oil could greatly assist in brain development of my baby in womb. Is this true? Should I take the regular or the premium? Also, how many should I be taking a day. I definately want to consume what is best and give my unborn baby the best chances at life. Would this product be recommended for someone that is pregnant? I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks…

  7. Xenia on Sat, 18th Dec 2010 8:57 pm
  8. Omega 3/DHA standard version is fine to take whilst pregnant. It is indeed helpful to fetal growth and development.

    Take 2 per day during months 1-3 and 3 per day during months 4-9 and through breastfeeding.

    As always, consult with your doctor.

    I hope this helps.

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