The Man Who Wanted To Live Forever

The Story Behind Xtend-Life

Warren Matthews PhotoWhen New Zealand entrepreneur Warren Matthews created Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd. in 2000, along with son Lance, he was driven by a particularly strong motivation.

He was 51 years old, and a few years earlier had seen the fortune of a lifetime in tree felling, commercial shark fishing, property management, superboat building and international investments take a drastic dive, thanks to being blindsided by some breathtakingly devious legal treachery on the part of supposed partners.

He says nowadays that he is thankful this happened, because it caused him to realize that health is really the only thing that matters – that you can still be happy without wealth, if you are healthy enough to enjoy it.

And after half a century of high-stress living, Warren was concerned about his health.

If I was going to still do all the things that I wanted in life, I needed more time. As I had just turned 51 years of age, it meant that I was going to have to live a lot longer than average. I figured that 120 years was a good figure. There was no point in living a long time unless I could do so in perfect health and have lots of energy and maintain a sharp mind. If I had continued with my then lifestyle I may have been dead in another 5 years.
Warren Matthews

So Warren and Lance spent the next couple of years literally traveling the world, researching how and where supplements were produced, down to the last humble herb used. They quickly found out that contracting out the manufacture of ingredients made it impossible to produce products whose integrity had not been damaged in the manufacturing process, so they borrowed money and started a secondary company, Natural Products (NZ), to supply and manufacture their ingredients.

They also found out how regularly the processes used to manufacture products actually damaged ingredients, rendering them useless – no matter how pure or high quality these ingredients had started out.

And how these companies could still legally put “pure” and “natural” on their bottles.

(The epidemic of death and disability that hit America in 1989 with tainted “pure” L-Tryptophan is a worst-case example of this.)

Xtend-Life, through Natural Products (NZ), is one of the few (if not the only) companies in the world that has absolute control over what goes into its supplements from A-Z. Safety, purity, effectiveness and a proper delivery method to the exact organs each supplement ingredient is targeted for are at the top of the company’s priority list.

Popular in over 40 countries around the world, Xtend-Life’s keystone supplement, Total Balance, is now in its 6th generation. Research never stops on refining Xtend-Life’s products to be the most effective they can be, and several of their processes hold unique patents.

Says Warren proudly, “We now manufacture what are arguably the most advanced health supplements in the world.”

I’d call helping yourself to live robustly to 120 a very strong motivation to make sure Xtend-Life supplements are the best they can be.


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