Xtend Life Fish Oil: Good Enough To Eat

Discover Xtend Life Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil

Fish Oil CapsulesXtend Life Omega 3/DHA fish oil supplement comes from two Southern Ocean fish: the hoki fish, and tuna. Instead of being a by-product of fish meal after onboard processing (the normal method), the New Zealand fishing company that Xtend-Life uses preserves the fish in “‘Spacekraft’ containers under a nitrogen blanket and maintained at two degrees Celsius”, according to Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life’s founder. This allows it to be processed under conditions high enough for consumption by humans.

With their usual thoroughness, Xtend-Life tested the fish oil at 2 independent laboratories (one of them a government lab), back when they first contracted to purchase the fishing company’s hoki fish. One of the advantages of this unique processing method is significantly lower oxidation, meaning no decay no odor (and no indigestion – a side effect of some fish oil supplements).

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