Cholest-Natural: Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

How to Lower your Cholesterol Naturally with Cholest-Natural

lowering cholesterol naturallySo you want to lower your cholesterol naturally – but is there really any way you can safely do that? (And exactly what is cholesterol anyway?)

Cholesterol is a fatty material combined with lipo-proteins, produced by the liver. When you hear people talk about “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol, they are talking about these 2 lipo-proteins:

  • HDL (High Density) – “good”
  • LDL (Low Density) – “bad”

HDL performs a critical function: It keeps the membranes of each cell healthy, as well as allowing the body to utilize Vitamin D and hormones properly.

LDL is what causes a fatty cholesterol overload – the sort that can clog your arteries with dangerous plaque, narrowing them and causing serious trouble.

When these two types of cholesterol are out of balance, the “good” HDL is unable to clean the “bad” LDL from your blood.

High cholesterol symptoms are barely noticeable and often missed – until it’s too late.

Is There Really Any Way to Prevent High Cholesterol?

There are several factors you have to consider, when preventing or reducing high cholesterol is your goal. If high cholesterol is hereditary, it’s especially important to have the level checked regularly before there is any problem. This sort is particularly stubborn and it’s imperative to be proactive. Your diet and age can play a part, particularly if you are overweight and not careful about trans fats.

Unless your cholesterol is off the map, it’s always best to try the natural approach first, before resorting to medications that can have severe side effects. (Smoking too has been firmly implicated!) Losing the excess weight is your first line of defense – and ideally, you do this through age-appropriate exercise and an informed diet rich in natural greens, lean protein and other whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can also take natural supplement that performs the following cholesterol lowering functions:

  • Dissolve cholesterol fragments that can lodge themselves into the artery walls and harden into plaque
  • Limit LDL cholesterol production
  • Decrease LDL fats in the bloodstream
  • Keep your artery walls flexible and pliant
  • Lower triglycerides in the bloodstream

What a good supplement can do is restore balance to hormones and HDL/LDL levels in the blood, as well as breaking down and dissolving potential plaque deposits.

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

One supplement that has had well-recorded results is Cholest-Natural from Xtend-Life. Xtend-Life does employ qualified staff with solid medical credentials, and the company is openly transparent about every aspect of its production, business methods – and staff.

Cholest-Natural utilizes natural bioflavanoids to perform an aggressive anti-oxidant function, scavenging harmful free radicals from the bloodstream. Plant phytosterol cuts gastric tract absorption of LDL, and a citrus-rind oil, D-Limonene, completes this synergistic natural supplement, (along with Rice Bran which helps with amino acid balancing and LDL conversion via the bile).

Want to Know More?

For an astoundingly thorough, well-informed, yet easy-to-read explanation of everything you want to know about the subject of lowering high cholesterol and how to deal with imbalances, Click Here Cholest-Natural.


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