Arthrit-Eze: Kinds of Arthritis That Respond Well to Natural Treatment

Arthrit-Eze – A Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

arthritis photoIf you suffer from this painful affliction, you probably already know there are over 100 kinds of arthritis – and a great deal of misinformation.

Some types, you do need heavy-duty drugs for, as the arthritis in these cases is hereditary, or a symptom of a more serious, systemic disease. (Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and systemic lupus erythematosus come instantly to mind.) There is also osteoarthritis, and we’ve all been told to make sure we continue to get enough calcium.

The truth is, “arthritis” is a generic term which can be an indicator of any one of a multitude of conditions. It basically indicates pain, stiffness and reduction of mobility in one or more joints. (Arthritis primarily affects the cartilage that prevents joints from grinding on each other.)

Early Signs of Arthritis

Among the causes of arthritis, one type comes from repetitive motion, which means you can develop this at any age. You may experience pain and stiffness in the involved joints. Basically, your joints being worn away in the same spot, over and over, and the protective cartilage becomes damaged. When this happens, your joints may become visibly inflamed and red. Many people say that the stiffness and lack of mobility are problem equaling the pain.

Other types of arthritis are hereditary, some as the result of an injury – but one of the most common types, erroneously labeled a “natural” part of ageing – is arthritis caused by nutritional deficiency.

(The reason it manifests most often in the elderly? The body begins to feel the effects of a cumulative lifetime of poor dietary habits; plus the elderly, for various reasons, often find it difficult to absorb necessary amounts of proteins – one common habit is to eat a diet predominant in carbohydrates and sweets. This can be due to poverty, dental problems making it difficult to chew proteins, or digestive difficulties – but its effects on the body are the same: Nutritional insufficiency, and a myriad of health problems.)

Natural Arthritis Relief

Rather than treating the symptoms with heavy-duty pain killers (which never seem to work, as anyone with arthritis knows all too well) it is better to treat the root cause, to stop further damage from occurring and reduce inflammation and improve cartilage health.

Logic tells us this would start by replacing missing nutrients and minerals to ease arthritis pain; but there is an inherent problem with this approach. One doesn’t know exactly what quantity of the correct nutrients are needed: Plus, it takes time to do this through the small amounts ingested as you re-learn to eat a healthy diet.

On top of that, if you are elderly, you are still prone to other problems that may have instigated the arthritis in the first place: Budgetary, digestive or dental difficulties. (You also want to stop current damage as quickly as possible!)

You need a supplement which stops Glutathione from being depleted even as it restores your cartilage. You want your joint inflammation reduced, and the cause of the pain targeted. You want one that actually restores your afflicted joints (as well as increasing your immune system – and helping with the fragile, itchy skin that often seems to accompany arthritis.

Xtend-Life’s Arthrit-Eze provides natural arthritis relief and targets the root causes of different kinds of arthritis. It is packed with natural ingredients that work in a powerful, synergistic manner.

Want to Know More?

Click here to find very good, clear information about arthritis in general, the ingredients in this natural arthritis treatment, why they work and what they target Arthrit-Eze.


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