Are You Faithful To Your Favorite Brands?

Xtend Life Reviews – A Discovery

Health Supplements Photo Like most consumers, even with my severe allergies, I try new products every now and again.

Over the years, I’ve stayed loyal only to three brands of food – 5 Roses flour, Hunts original tomato sauce and Heinz ketchup. Those are three brands I never change. (Not since early, inexpert cooking experiments when I first left home.)

I quickly learned with these particular 3 products: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And I’ve never regretted my loyalty.

And I have another quirk: I research everything. It’s my job.

I take nothing at face value. I check out every fact

I first came across Xtend-Life natural health supplements by accident – a recommendation from a client. When, I visited Xtend-Life’s web site, I was surprised at the depth of information I found there. I’m good at reading between the lines: I know what it means when it says “miracle process” and “studies show”. I know what “a team of scientists” means.

It usually means, the company is making it all up.

I didn’t find any of those phrases on Xtend-Life’s web site. I did find unique patented processes, but I also found logical explanations of what those processes did, and why they were created. There’s nothing vague about this company.

I also found:

  • Facts, with supporting citations
  • A bio of the company president and the story of why and how he got into the supplement business. (“I need to live to be 120” works for me!)
  • A real head of research, Dr. A. Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND. This is no guy with some spurious `online university’ degree – he’s a well-respected and well-validated author of many published books and papers!
  • A customer service department staffed with people who hold science and nutrition degrees. They readily answered every question I had with patience, courtesy, clarity and knowledge
  • A list of complete ingredients for every product
  • A company that voluntarily follows and rigidly sticks to stringent protocols for processing their ingredients
  • A company that started their own subsidiary company to prepare and process their ingredients, because in two years of serious global searching, they were unable to find a processing plant that met their standards
  • A company that practices absolute transparency on every level

And that’s why I’ve started this site about Xtend-Life’s products.

It’s now the fourth “brand” I’ve added to 5 Roses flour, Hunts tomato sauce and Heinz ketchup – and it’s probably healthier than all of the above. (They’re leftovers from those carefree days before I developed allergies and discovered natural health products and organic food.)


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