Xtend Life Skin Care: Discover Age-Defense Active Day Cream Ingredients

3 Totally Unique Active Ingredients for a Softer, Smoother, and Younger-Looking Skin

Cream on Face PhotoIn my Age-Defense Active Day Cream review, I told you just a little about three totally unique active ingredients that make this day cream by Xtend-Life outperform anything else you’ll find on the market.

Let’s go into a little more detail, to help you understand why I think this product is so terrific.


You may already know that keratin is the basic protein found in human skin, as well as in hair and nails. There are plenty of skin care products that claim to contain keratin. However, do you have any idea where that keratin comes from?

Take a look at the label of your present skin cream: you’ll probably see “hydrolyzed keratin” listed as a key ingredient. That means you’ll be treating your skin to a daily dose of material rendered from animal by-products like beaks, feathers, rooster combs, horns, and feathers! (I won’t even buy cat food that contains “animal by-products”!)

New Zealand Sheep PhotoThe critical difference between this ordinary keratin and Xtend-TK is that Xtend-Life’s keratin is bio-active. It has been made soluble through a patented process that gently extracts keratin from the wool of New Zealand sheep.

This process pulls all the bio-active polymers together into a product that closely resembles the protein in human skin.

Applying Xtend-TK is like smoothing a thin, pliable, light-refracting second skin on your face! Little wrinkles and lines seem to disappear completely. You’ll love the way your skin looks, after just a couple of applications – and it only gets better and better as you continue to use the product.

And speaking of lines and wrinkles: remember, it’s the decrease in collagen and elastin that ages our skin and takes away the firmness it had in youth.

Xtend-TK stimulates your body to begin producing more collagen and elastin again! New skin cells, too, are encouraged to grow by this amazing substance.

One more thing that’s stimulated to increase with regular use of Xtend-TK is your body’s production of antioxidants to fight free radicals.

So the good stuff is increasing and growing, while the bad stuff is gradually being defeated – and the result is lovely, fresh new skin that seems to glow from within.

Hi, I’m currently using the Active Day Cream, and after only 2 weeks, REALLY LOVE IT, have already noticed changes in my skin. I’m going to be ordering Total Balance Women, and the Night Cream in a few days, because the Day Cream has made noticeable improvements in my acne prone skin
Meg. USA

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Phytessence Wakame

Perhaps you’ve read about the use of hyaluronic acid injections to treat facial wrinkles and deep folds. Wouldn’t you prefer to keep the hyaluronic acid naturally produced by your skin, instead of turning to injections to replace it?

Xtend-Life’s exclusive Phytessence Wakame helps prevent the breakdown of this important acid in the skin, allowing it to do its work of keeping collagen and elastin fibers pliable and adherent.

Wakame, or Japanese sea algae, has been used for centuries by the Japanese to keep their skin smooth, moist, and young. It can be eaten, as well as used externally.

Phytessence Wakame’s powerful antioxidant properties, along with the calcium and other minerals and vitamins it contains, make it a perfect ingredient for Age-Defense Active Day Cream and other products in Xtend-Life skin care line.

What I especially like about the inclusion of Phytessence Wakame in this great day cream is that one of its active ingredients – sulfated polyfucose, if you want to know the name – acts as a potent sunscreen against UV rays.

These days, we’re all concerned with making certain our skin care products protect our skin from aging sun damage.

At first, I was uneasy that “sunscreen” wasn’t listed as an ingredient on the tube. But when I read more carefully through the material on the Xtend-Life website, my worries were over.

Besides all its other valuable properties, Phytessence Wakame is taking care of business in the sunscreen department!

I just received my daycream of xtend life. I have an acne prone skin so most products that I’ve used before gives me breakouts. I have to say that after applying the extend life daycream it felt like I had notting on (just what I wanted), it’s not greasy and very soft.I know this will work for sure.
Solaika. USA

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Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a naturally-occurring substance found in every cell of your body. (It’s also sometimes called ubiquinone, from the word “ubiquitous” – “found everywhere.”)

The benefits of CoQ10 to skin are that it offers protection to the sun’s harmful UVA rays, increases the cells’ production of energy, and provides yet another source of antioxidant to destroy free radicals.

You may have noticed, as I have, that more and more skin care products claim to contain CoQ10. However, there may be two problems in these cases.

For one thing, the amount of CoQ10 in a given cream may be far too small to offer any benefit at all; and for another, the tiny specks of the compound may still be too large to penetrate the skin effectively. Xtend-Life has found a way to bring our skin all the benefits of CoQ10 in Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10.

The Nano in “Nano-Lipobelle” refers to the size of the particles of CoQ10 in Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10.

In scientific measurement, the nanoscale refers to particles that are approximately 1,000 times smaller than micro-particles. Just for comparison, a nanoparticle might be about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair!

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is a nanoemulsion that slides smoothly and easily into your skin, penetrating it deeply to increase the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. That means its anti-wrinkling ability is outstanding.

Xtend-Life has gone to a lot of trouble to fund clinical studies on its products. These prove everything it claims about Age-Defense Active Day Cream, as well as its other skin care offerings.

I am always happier about a product when it can be backed up scientifically. But in the end, it’s not the studies that have convinced me that Age-Defense Active Day Cream is the best thing I can put on my face each morning. It’s the smoother, clearer, younger facial skin I see in the mirror.

And what could be better than that?

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2 Comments on Xtend Life Skin Care: Discover Age-Defense Active Day Cream Ingredients

  1. Mary Terence McKay on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 4:16 pm
  2. Tell me more about the sunscreen capacity. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we need the strongest sunscreen protection. I have spent so many years ignoring my flawless skin and I played tennis for three hours in the sun. And now, I am really paying the price. I know you think it’s important for the skin to breathe, but what if the uv protection in Age Defense is not enough. Can you compare it to an SPF formula? Thanks so much. Mary Terence McKay

  3. admin on Wed, 9th Dec 2009 1:33 pm
  4. Xtend-Life Age Defense Active Day cream does not contain an SPF factor.

    If you follow the url below, it will explain about SPF and why Xtend-Life does not have any in their skin care product line (second question):

    Age Defense Active Day Cream FAQ

    If you do still need to use a sunscreen separately on occasion (use a Screen, not a Block), then you can do so, after applying Xtend-Life skin care products, and after they have had 5-10 mins to fully absorb.

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