My name is Xenia, and I discovered Xtend-Life products in 2008 – but I didn’t buy any immediately, in spite of reading rave reviews. I had to check them out first.

My co-workers have always laughed at this little “thorough investigation” idiosyncrasy of mine, but before my present career, I spent several years working in the scientific research community. And if there’s one thing that teaches you, it’s to take nothing at face value.

My motto is “question everything”.

Especially after hearing my former boss Sheila’s hair-raising stories about her time in a universally respected and very large cosmetic company -“routine” cover-ups and workers faced with cancer, allergies and chemical poisoning – I’m all about:

  • How is it made?
  • What process do they use?
  • What does this process do to the ingredients involved?
  • What are the results?

Like far too many other people in this chemical-soaked world, I also suffer from food and environmental allergies to just about everything under the sun (including the sun!). This gives me another huge incentive to check out products I ingest or put on my skin as thoroughly as possible before daring to try them.

Four things riveted my attention, when I visited the Xtend-Life website:

  • They guarantee their skin care products as “safe enough to eat”
  • They developed and use original patented, non-destructive manufacturing processes. There’s no way for a third-party processor to introduce any element of risk or neutralize a perfectly good ingredient by using the wrong process.
  • They make supplements to nourish the inside, as well as the outside of the body.
  • They totally exceed FDA regulations in their research processes (and using non-medicinal ingredients, they currently don’t have to comply with the FDA at all, actually.)

When I explored the site further, it seemed as if Xtend-Life had thought out in advance every possible question I could ask, and answered them in their research and development process before even starting to market their products.

I’ve never seen a more thorough website. Everything is documented and out there for the consumer to cross check and verify.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my own Xtend-Life journey. I haven’t tried all their products yet, but I intend to.

As I try each product, I’ll review it personally. In the meantime, I plan to provide you also with general information you might find useful.

I would really like to invite anyone who has tried Xtend-Life products themselves to leave a comment about their experiences. I ask only that you be as specific as you can about what you liked or didn’t like.

Like agents Mulder and Scully, we’re only interested in the Truth.

And it’s out there.