Xtend Life Review

You are here because you are looking for Xtend Life reviews. You may may be asking, Is Xtend Life scam or for real? Is the company safe and trustworthy?

Let’s spend some time exploring these questions.

Xtend-Life natural products originate in New Zealand — just about as far from the heavily-polluted waters of Europe’s North Sea as you can get.

The company was born when its creator, Warren Matthews, became concerned about aging himself. Matthews quickly decided it was his mission to “help people achieve their optimum health”. While he stresses a holistic approach to staying young, he believes that natural health supplements and skin care products are capable of dramatically assisting people in this goal.

Difference From Competitors

Unlike many companies selling all natural supplements, this New Zealand company has expressed a public commitment to controlling what goes into its products and how each one is processed, right from the source.

Perhaps Matthews had heard horror stories such as that of the L-Tryptophan scandal of the late 1980s, where a Japanese processing plant decided to genetically engineer this normally natural amino acid and in so doing, killed almost 40 people and inflicted permanent disability on thousands of others.

At any rate, this company differs from the majority of its competitors in that it is fanatical about controlling every aspect of its production.

When it comes to ingredients, the company is diligent in looking for “the best ones in the world”. This commitment includes control of personal inspection at each ingredient source, control over harvesting, storing and processing; and with certain products, includes not only patents but ownership of the supply company itself.

Simple Success Secret

This New Zealand-based company is also unique in that it doesn’t spend millions on advertising, preferring to let word of mouth, publicly released research results and glowing customer reviews speak for them. Instead, they publicly state that the majority of their budget goes into Research and Development – with qualified staff whose work is respected and published independently in its own right.

The company also claims that you can eat their skin care products, arguing that what you put on your skin should be as pure as what goes into your body.

Personal Customer Service

Want to submit an Xtend Life review? Have a question about one of their products? You can always contact the company’s customer support through live chat, email, and telephone.

If you submit a question about their natural herbal supplements, trained nutritionists with valid medical degrees get back to you with a concrete answer – usually within 24 hours. (For example, I inquired about one supplement and was promptly told in no uncertain terms not to take it by their own nutritionist, since it contained an ingredient I was allergic to.)

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